Dent Removal

Got a dent in your car?  We can help!

We’re a full service auto repair shop that can handle any needs you have, especially fixing dents!

It’s one of the worst feelings.  You go out of your way to park your vehicle in a safe spot where no one will bump into it and somehow it happens anyways.  Another dent.

Whether it’s a new vehicle or any old one, bring it down to our auto repair shop for a face-lift.  Our team of professionals will take a look at the best way to handle it and fix the dent in no time.

Sometimes, we can use our special paint-less dent removal machinery to get rid of the dent without having to repaint.  Even if we need to touch up the paint, don’t worry about it.  We’ll color match what you need and ensure you get a fair price.

And, don’t worry about dealing with the insurance company.  We’ll handle that too!  Our experienced administrators can hop on the phone to explain the situation and iron out the details quickly without you having to deal with the headache of another call.

Stop in to King Motorsports today for a free estimate.  We look forward to serving you.